Create an outline

Remember those? Consider these possible sections:
  • Your address, your phone, your email, your sevice times. Make these easy to find, perhaps in the footer of every page. Don't bury them in a graphic.
  • A few large images of your community: inside worshiping, outside engaged in God's mission. Choose images that tell your story. Credit photographers, ask permission of the photographed.
  • What you are about as a community. Your church DNA. What makes you you.
  • The ministries of your heart: is it music, children, youth, feeding, praying?
  • Your leadership: paid and volunteer
  • Links to the outposts where your community lives online: are you Facebookers, tweeters, IG-ers, photo snappers on Flickr.
  • A calendar with your times of gathering for worship, for retreat, for fellowship, for mission, for rehearsing.
  • Media files. Do you record sermons? Does someone take photos or make videos to share? Do you have writers? Do you have a newsletter to share?
  • A blog feature which can capture and promote articles/posts (seamlessly using RSS), newsletter pieces, sermon reflections. You've done that work, not don't be afraid to share it in multiple ways.
  • A bulletin board or forum. Do you have a robust online community that wants to chat?
This is the time consuming part.


  • Is it important in your community to have many voices or a consistent editorial tone?
  • Are you a set-it-and-forget-it people? If so, gravitate less for options that need timely updating: an empty calendar is so very sad.
  • Do you have one person who "does it all" or will you cultivate a team. Let's talk about all the horror stories about the one techie person who leaves.
  • The more people you involve, the more people you have engaged--does this make it messy or rich?

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