Have an idea and not ready to rebuild your main website? Want to see if a concept has legs? Need a first version website with no muss, no fuss? Need a community building tool around a single event? Use a prebuilt app for a scrapbook of a moment in time. Share your case studies. Share your favorite carefree tools (sometimes called "light blogging").

Cool Apps


Want to post pictures and videos, share links and really don't want to have to deal with geek talk, consider this blogging/social media tool. Works with groups. Call in an audio post. Over a dozen iphone apps, lots of connectivity, full list here. (Open API is what differentiates Tumblr from Posterous)


Posterous is so simple, you don't even have to set up an account to begin posting. Your RSS feed at http://yournamehere.posterous.com/rss doubles as an iTunes-ready podcast feed. Just attach an mp3 to an email. Bookmarklets are pretty advanced, they can auto extract video.


A great, free, drag and drop simple website building tool with blog integration.

Cool Uses and Users