A Media hub is a site that pulls together and integrates various media channels

Examples to integrate:
Live streaming & On-Demand videos
Social networking integrated widgets
Flickr.com photo galleries
Open chat
PDF & Links

The Episcopal Diocese of West Texas created a media hub in February 2010 for their annual council/convention and used it to live stream, collect videos on-demand (after they had streamed), organize daily photos, oversee an open chat room, and integrate twitter and facebook posts. Although the media hub looks like it is part of their diocesan website, www.dwtx.org, it was really created on www.squarespace.com because of all the applications and features this newer CMS company offers. Check out the media hub at: www.dwtxmediahub.org

Every 3 years at the General Convention of The Episcopal Church, TEC Office of Communications creates a media hub. Next time, late June 2015 from Salt Lake City.

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