• One of the less familiar internet tools, wikis are unsurpassed for developing a collaborative document. The best know wiki is wikipedia.

Pros and Cons

A large percentage of wikis, like many online communities, seem to fail.
When is a wiki not the best tool? For a conversation that would work on the phone or in email, for building a website with no or few changes needed...wikis are not "set it and forget it" environments. What wikis are not from the Internet for Dummies series.

Wiki is a great tool for a community of users building a manual of best practices, lists of resources, do-it-yourself encyclopedias of specific information.

Main players

Comparison tool

The Wiki Matrix compares wiki features from various vendors side by side. They have a wiki wizard, answer a few questions and the oracle will suggest possible wikis. Fora, events, plug-ins and widgets...all things wiki.

Church Wiki Examples

Other Wiki Examples

  • Wikiversity is a project devoted to learning resources, learning projects, and research for use in all levels, types, and styles of education from pre-school to university, including professional training and informal learning.
  • wikiHow: the world's collaborative how-to manual.
  • Federal government agencies use wikis, but most are private. Article from Federal Computer Week.

What is Wikipedia?

Wikipedia, the online user-created encyclopedia and the number six website on the Internet today (Mar 2010).

Have you checked your entry in Wikipedia?

Many online sources of information will pull information about your parish from a wikipedia entry, if it exists. Changing information on a wikipedia entry can be challenging, although anyone can become a wikipedia editor. Wikipedia follows very specific style guidelines.
  • New wikipedia editing in the April Vector version
  • Wikipedia editors approve of online citations. Remember that several diocesan journals are online at or in google books, and pages of history can be added as citations. Using citations or style in the wikipedia approved way will help your edited changes "stick".